Monday, 21 December 2009

Im having my haircut tomorrow! If any one knows me, they know I fully panic about having my hair done, and its not such a relaxing moment for me. I have had so many bad cuts in my time that I find it hard to trust someone to cut my hair, hence why its always so long. But tomorrow I am thinking I might be brave, seeing as its a new year, it could be a new style. I might have about 4 or maybe 5 inches at a push off.... with a bit of a fringe thing going on. I know for a fact as soon as I walk out I will want to cry and my hair is a bit of a security blanket... but give it a few weeks it will be fine.....I think?!


  1. Oohw I know exactly what you mean!! I'm always so scared of going to the hairdresser... They really messed up my hair a lot of times, so it's always exciting! But now I always go the same hairdresser and I'm starting to trust her now...

    Good luck!! And I'm curious about your new haircut!

  2. I was brave and had it cut :) Im ok with the results! Give me a few days and I will be used to it!! Just sooo used to be it being very long!!