Thursday, 1 January 2015

Personal | 2014 Reflections

What a year 2014 has been! It has been pretty quiet here on Pencil Stitches but that just means life in general has been busy. I wanted to do a 2014 post, as one of the reasons I love to keeping this blog is being able to look back across the years and see what was happening in life at that moment in time.

2014 has been a CRAZY year.... its up there with 2013! We learnt a lot from this year. Australia taught us to be more open. Whether this was more open to meeting people or more open to what we wanted to do in life, or just to keep our hearts open as you never know what adventures are around the corner for you.

Moving abroad to live and work was a huge shock to our system. One that we love and one that we don't regret doing. We have seen and done things, most people will never get to experience in their lifetime. People don't truly 'get' it unless they do it themselves. Alex & I have learnt to aways try and step outside of our comfort zone as we know great things come from stepping outside of it. We do things that are right for 'us' as at the end of the day, we are the ones that are living this life and thats the greatest thing we have learnt.

Moving back to the UK was a large shock for the people around us as they couldn't understand why we would want to leave such a beautiful country to come back to the UK with no jobs. We knew it was the right thing for us to do though. We made sure that it worked for us. It was one of the hardest decisions to make, but if we knew what 2014 had in store for us back when making the decision. We would of made that decision with a lighter heart. Hindsight is always a good old thing...

2014 was the year for:

• Taking a big jump and leaving our home in Australia to move back to the UK.
• Travelling to new parts of the world to open our eyes to new cultures and new ways of thinking.
• Ticking off things on our bucket list.
• Settling back into UK life.
• Reflecting at what we wanted out of our lives.
• Learning new skills & passions.
• Starting my business Sincerely May.
• Moving down to Cornwall to create a new home & life for ourselves.
• Meeting like minded people.
• Living life and living the adventure.

2015 is going to be a year for:

• Pushing my business more
• Illustrating more and just trying to be more creative in general
• Capturing more moments as they happen
• & most importantly exploring this world we live in more....

Happy 2015 to you all! I hope this year is kind to you :)

Friday, 5 December 2014

Travels | Part 5 of the East Coast Aussie Road Trip - Noosa & Fraser Island

I can't believe its nearly a year that we left this beautiful country (apologies for the large delay in getting those photos up on the blog) but I am determined to finish it as I treat my blog as a virtual diary. I love looking back at old posts to see what I was thinking and doing at that particular time and I know I will kick myself if I don't carry on with this in a few years to come.

So we are on to part 5! Fraser Island & Noosa! The higher we got up, the higher the temperatures rose! I class myself as a sun junkie, but we were experiencing Australia's hottest summer ever recorded so to say I was starting to wilt was a little bit of an understatement ha! One thing I loved about our trip is the fact we had so little planned out. We knew three things about our trip before we left:

1. The day we were setting off.
2. How we were getting from A to B. Our Jucy camper
3. The day we had to be at Cairns airport.

Everything else in between we just made up as we went along! We had set ideas of where we wanted to go but nothing was set in stone. One trip we didn't think we would do was visit Fraser Island, which is a world heritage site. (Fact of the day: It is the worlds largest sand island!) However the closer we got to the island, the easier the decision was made that we had to visit even if it meant eating on a tighter budget than already planned. It was worth every penny though as it was absolutely stunning. My body temperature was actually thankful, as although it was super hot we spent the majority of the day either in a super air conned coach or swimming in the coolest waters!

I wasn't sure what to expect from Fraser Island but I came away with a lot more memories and reflections than I thought. We saw such beautiful scenery and SO much wildlife including wild Dingo's which lists on our 'top 10 moments'. We swam in the fresh water 'Lake McKenzie' until our skin looked like prunes and waded in fast flowing creeks that just carried you down the way.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Travels | Part 4 East Coast Aussie Road Trip - Newcastle & Unexpected Beauty Spots

Photos by Alex May Photography
Oh hello next installment of our Aussie Road Trip Adventure!! I seem to be on a role with these travel photos. Lets hope it keeps up!

Next up was a quick stop to Newcastle, NSW for a pitstop. We had originally planned to stay a bit longer here but the husband was dying for a surf at Port Macquarie so we pressed on. We headed towards Coffs harbour (where we saw our first 'big' object. This time the banana.) and headed towards Port Macquarie so Alex could relive his youth of surfing here when had visited before.

It was turning out to be a very hot day… one of those days where you can not escape the heat unless you are in the sea. We saw on the map 'Smokey Cape' and headed for it. Luckily we managed to find it as we ended up spending a whole afternoon there having a beach day and having some much needed rest. The water was SO warm, and so turquoise. We even saw Kangaroo's on the beach! A truly Australian experience.  It was a little bit of heaven. It had a beautiful lighthouse with the most amazing look out point seeing stretches of white sandy beaches for miles.