Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Low Day

Having a bit of a low day today. I guess its because I am stuck in a job which I don't want to be in, as they don't treat the staff to well, and the fact that the business is not to stable at the moment so its like walking on egg shells which is more stressful than you can imagine.
Due to the recession it makes finding a new job ten times harder, than what it already was which seems impossible as its one of the most competitive industries to even break in to. I guess its just all built up, and having a low confidence day, and makes me feel like maybe I should give up. I am to stubborn for that though. I shall keep trundling along walking down the corridor with no light to the end of the tunnel until someone decides to give me a chance.... I hope someone cracks open the door soon as I am sick of seeing darkness all the time!

Sorry to moan...

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