Thursday, 15 April 2010


I got a nice treat through the post. Surf Girl's May issue, which features two of my illustrations. This is my first published illustration in a magazine so I am quite excited. I did 4 illustrations in total for them, and they ended up choosing two which only took me about 5 minutes each.... just shows simple is sometimes always best!

I will upload the other illustrations another day for you to see that I did for this. I also apologise for the rubbish photo I am in desperate need for a new camera. If anything it will give you an excuse to go and buy the magazine :)


  1. have you ever heard of foam magazine?
    They're wonderful!
    kind of like surfgirl, but more land involved...

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Yeh I have, whenever I visit america I always try to pick it up as you can't get it in the UK!! But I agree it is a lovely magazine! Really interesting read! I would love to get some of my work in that magazine!

    Thanks for reading :)