Monday, 12 April 2010

Sponsor my brother

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying this sunny weather. I need to ask massive a favour. My brother (see pic above) is taking part in a charity event on 2nd May 2010 to raise money for Cancer research. He will be windsurfing from dawn till dusk, non stop its called 'SunriseSunset!'  Yes its a long time, and luckily he is good at windsurfing so hopefully he won't struggle to much.

He is trying to raise £300, and anything that you can donate will be greatly appreciated!

My family has been hugely affect by cancer so its a charity that we hold dear to our hearts. My brother is dedicating his sponsorship to our Aunty Carol who passed away a few years from lung cancer and she is greatly missed. My brother, mum, and gran as well has been affected with cancer which is why we are very passionate about this charity, and why my brother is taking part.

So any donations would be happily received!! Even if its a £1!!  To donate click this link... 

Thank you :)

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