Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wedding Update

Even though mine and Alex's wedding is over 780 days away (yes I am counting!) I still can't help getting overly excited about it.

We are still trying to find 'the' venue, which we think we have found. Although me being me, wants to look at a few more to put my brain at ease. We both really want our wedding to reflect us as much as possible. Making it a memorable and fun wedding for everyone who will be attending. Our wedding will be fairly small-ish. Trying to keep the numbers around 60-ish people which will probably be a struggle and will have to cut a few people out, but that is all typical wedding politics.

We also have a few ideas up our sleeves which we are going to try and keep from people until the day, as we are going to try and do everything ourselves to cut down the costs. Even though we have a budget we want to try and get below that budget!!

I have found two photographers which I love, and one is coming up on top but of course this one is the most expensive, but she just takes stunning photographs, and a friend is using them for their wedding so am waiting to see what theirs turn out like!! Very exciting. I contacted the photographer and she told me I was very organised (been told this many a time) but showed her the venue we like the most and she thinks its beautiful so fingers crossed.

We think we have decided on our colour theme, although I keep changing my mind like the wind, but will let you know that soon once we have both stuck to it.

I think that is all, I am not mentioning the dress as I am trying not to look although there are two distinct styles that I love and they are complete opposite, but trying to hold off until next year's collections. Plus Alex knows what him and his group is going to wear which I think they are all going to look very handsome!

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