Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Whats the time Mr Wolf?

The last thing I need is a new watch, but I just love them. (My granddad was a Horologist, and used to look after the Queens clocks in Windsor Castle, and also repaired Big Ben! Which explains my fascination with clocks and watches!) My favourite brand has to be Nixon. I have a few by Nixon now, and I feel the Kensington Leather is next!


  1. Wow how cool! Of your grandpa i mean.. It sure is a nice watch.

  2. My husband works for Nixon! Let me know if you have an eye on anything in particular and I can see if I can cut you a deal ;)

  3. ohh thank you Kelli, please don't tease me though as I really will take you up on that deal!! And what a cool job your husband must have!