Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Job, New Life, New Car!

Alot of you are probably wondering why I have gone so quiet. The reason being is I found myself a new job and had to move away to Hampshire. It was quite a big change for me as I had to move up without Alex and start a fresh all by myself, but I am starting to settle in and really enjoy it up there.

I am enjoying my new job, with lots of new challenges. I am a garment designer for an online fashion trend forecasting website called It is full to the brim of information for all the up and coming trends and its my job to interpret these trends into garments, and upload them to the website for designers worldwide to be in the know of what is going to be on trend.

Infact you can download the MPDInsight magazine right now, for an interesting read at which only went live the other day! They have also made the trend journal free to read to at for all the latest news and inspiration in the industry!

I have a week off now, which is a good thing as I have come back down to devon tosee family and friends with a bad cold, and struggling to write this blog let alone keep my eyes open! Its nice to be home and to see all my friends and family, and the good news is that when I go back up Alex is coming back with me as he has managed to find himself a job. Which is the best news ever for me, as I have missed him like crazy!

I also didn't mention that I have a new car. I sold my classic mini cooper for a more reliable Fiat 500. I am really happy with it and it hardly uses any petrol! I am very impressed. I have already got 1000 miles on the clock already and I have only had it a month!! Thats what happens when you have a long distance relationship you have to keep driving to Devon!! haha

Well I think thats you all pretty updated on what has been going on in my life so far. I shall try and blog a bit more now that I am settled. I am trying to arrange some internet connection at my new flat so once that has been sorted it will be back to normal. I will hopefully start to illustrate again to!!

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