Sunday, 26 September 2010

Recent Purchases

I have not done one of these for a while so when I say 'recent', I mean in the last 3 months. Obviously this isn't a list of everything I have bought or received but they are my favourites!

First up, was actually a birthday present from my fiance. I have not worn this yet as its not been cold enough but I am looking forward to the temperatures dropping so I can wear this pom pom coat from Topshop. 

Next up, is another Topshop purchase. This gorgeous woolen shrug is one of the most comfortable things I have in my wardrobe and its lovely and warm for those autumn evenings that are upon us! I think this was around £40 ish.

If you are a regular reader to this blog, you will know that a year ago I was in a shoe design competition with Hush Puppies, which was sponsored by Schuh. In being in the top 5, I won 12 vouchers to go towards 12 pairs of shoes from 'Schuh'. I have about 5 left, which I need to spend by October, so my shoe rack is going to be expanding. Even though Alex thinks the last thing I need on earth is 'another' pair of shoes! These are lovely though and very comfortable for a 5inch heel as it has a nice platform inside. These heeled brogues are by red or dead, and would cost £79.99.

This leather aviator style jacket is another topshop purchase. I bought this back in August, knowing that this was a key trend for this autumn/winter. Its such a nice fit, and I just couldn't resist. This jacket was £58.99

And last but definitely not least! My most favourite purchase of the year most possibly is my Mulberry Bayswater. If you are a regular reader to this blog. You will know that I have been after one of these bags for way over a year and a half. With a lot of saving and a bit of help from the fiance I managed buy one! I absolutely love this bag and it was worth saving all those months for!!


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