Monday, 8 November 2010


As a designer I am always on the lookout for new products coming on to the market. Especially in the action sports industry as this is where my passion lies. So when I was asked whether I had heard about footwear brand 'cushe'  bring out a new winter collection I just had to go and have a look!

These khaki 'it' boots are perfect for some 'apres ski' after a day on the slopes. With extra grip on the bottom to avoid any embarrassing moments, you can't go wrong! Im loving the faux fur trim, which will keep your toes well cosy and warm. Plus I have to admit, the soles on these boots have had a lot of thought put in to them!! You'd want to walk in the sand in these, just to see the imprint!

After doing a bit of research on them, I found out they are part of a international group called 'Wolverine' who own some well known quality shoe brands such as 'Hush Puppies, Merrel, and CAT.'  I took much interest in this due to me being a part of a hush puppies design competition and being able to go round the UK headquarters and seeing the teams at work!

They also support UK athletes which includes 'Becky Hammond' one of the top british free skiers! Which surely must stand for something!!

I also found this discription on their website which I think adds it all up:
'We love detail - the little things you can and can't see that make our product that extra bit unique and special. Because we have the know-how, we also utilise the latest manufacturing techniques, and the most innovative materials to make our shoes conform to your foot's natural shape, ensuring comfort, protection and stability. Each shoe's design is thought through, making sure that only the best components and constructions are used.'

So if your booking yourself an action packed holiday, and after some practical yet stylish footwear, then your best bet would be to start off at Cushe

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