Monday, 17 January 2011

Quail Bridal

I love love LOVE Quail Bridal. I came across them a while a go when I was trawling through wedding blogs. I have recently started to look through the hundreds of inspirational photos that I have collected over the past year, and 'trying' to organise them! Which is when I stumbled across Quail Bridal again. I absolutely love this company, and if they were in the UK I would of given them a call by now! 

One thing I find about UK bridesmaid dresses, is the fact that you can't really wear them again! They are to 'occasion-y' and expensive. I want to put my bridesmaids in something that they can wear again! As lets face it, dresses are not cheap especially when you have to buy three of them! However I am determined to get them as cheap as possible. Which is why I fell in love with 'Quail Bridal' some of there dresses are two-pieces, so you can just wear the skirt one day and the top the next!! Such a clever and cost effective idea!! I love how stylish these dresses are, especially the gorgeous colour palette! They are very refreshing on the eyes!

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