Sunday, 27 February 2011

Billabong Summer 11 Collection

If you are missing summer as much as me then I might have to pre warn you about the Billabong Europe Summer 2011 collection video. This preview video will make you want the summer months to come around even more quicker!! Not only does it make me miss those warm weather days it is also making me miss getting in to the water :( Thats what happens when you move away from the coast and more inland!!

I think you all know now, that I love the action sports fashion industry and Billabong is one of my favourite brands & this video just makes me fall in love with them even more!

You can expect the usual laid back styling that the designers at Billabong Europe are pro's at. Along with lots of pop colour boardshorts (I am in love with the lemon yellow boardshorts) and pastel shaded skinny trousers coming through, team this with photographic prints on loose fitting vests and this is the perfect attire for a lazy summer day at the beach! With the knee length denim shorts and Harem pants, this makes me want to book a week of two down in the South of France, just to catch some sun!!

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