Saturday, 2 April 2011

Surfs up

I've come home for the weekend, and fallen in love with my mum's iPad 2! To say I want one is an understatement! So I took liberty and downloaded a few fashion apps which included the net a porter magazine!

It was a really interesting read and I loved how interactive it was! I also loved this "surfs up" photoshoot!! I love it when I see surf inspired fashion shoots! They really glamourise the sport when I bet if they even went near the water they would not look as gorgeous as they do in these shoots!! There is no knotted hair in sight!!

I would seriously advise getting an iPad 2, they are so easy to use, I'm using it right now to blog this post! The speed is excellent and I know if I had £400 spare, I would get one right now!

Photos courtesy of Net-a-porter magazine

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