Thursday, 1 September 2011

Birthday Trip Away!

My week off is flying by :( Just got back from a few days in Cornwall. It was so lovely to get away and spend sometime with Alex. However, we did want to try and get in the sea, but nature was against us, and it was flat as a pancake!!!  Typical huh!

On Tuesday it was my 25th Birthday.... where did this year go?! I was absolutely spoilt as always, and me & Alex just spent the day on the beach, having a nice meal and watching the sun set. How very romantic ;) 

We came back earlier than expected due to Alex coming down with a bad cold, and now I am starting to get one :( Lets hope its gone by tomorrow! Alex has organised a get together with friends to celebrate my 25th Birthday.

I can't wait to return to Cornwall very soon though!! However, its very soon back to reality :(

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