Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bits of my weekend

I am currently loving Autumn, it is my favourite season! I love the brown crunchy leaves on the ground, and kicking through them as you go for nice walks in the country. Me and the fiance had such a lovely weekend as our best friends came to visit for two days, and it was so lovely having them here and showing them around. 

I also introduced my best friend alice (super talented Visual Merchandiser/Print Designer) to 'The Wonderful World of Fashion'. You should visit her blog 'Alice in Doodleland' here!

We spent most of our time just catching up, going for cream teas and country walks or in my case chocolate brownies! 

Im very excited as in 3 days I am officially self employed! I start my first 'full time' self employed job so I am really excited about working on that project! It's so nice to be able to manage my own time, and work on exciting projects. Roll on Thursday I say :)

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