Sunday, 23 October 2011

Book Heaven

Something I have always loved doing and always will love doing is reading a good book. I am a super fast reader, so I can get through a book in a few days. It's the one time I can really switch off and think of nothing else apart from what I am reading. I can spend hours and hours in a library, much to the look's I get off my fiance. A girl has to choose the right book's right? And when you have to choose 6 or so at a time, you have to make sure you get the right choice!

However when I saw this library at the Trinity College in Dublin, it made my bookworm heart skip a beat! My 'dream' involves a house, where I can have a room just for me and my books.... would it surprise you to know I have NEVER thrown a book out ever.... I just love them :) So this library at Trinity College has jumped right to the top of 'must see' places.

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