Monday, 28 November 2011

Brooke Roberts S/S 2012 Illustration for Amelia's Magazine

I am so, so please to finally show you this illustration I did of Brooke Roberts S/S 2012 collection of knitwear for Amelia's Magazine.

I really enjoyed this illustration due to the fact that I loved Brooke Roberts clothing! The knitwear pieces are to die for, and I don't think you can fully appreciate them until you look up close at the detail!! I never knew knitwear could be so intricate! If I could afford a few of her pieces, they would be right in my wardrobe!!

I also love the fact that Brooke Roberts is a Radiographer as well!! A lady with many talents!!


  1. Hey Cathryn,

    Thanks so much for stopping by Jenna Sais Quois a few days ago.
    I am loving your fashion illustrations! You are super talented. Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  2. Hi Jenna, Thanks :) Glad you popped over :) I hope you enjoy reading!!
    A few more illustrations will be popping up on the run up to christmas!