Friday, 4 November 2011

Quiksilver Women A/W 11/12

One of the many brands I am obsessed with is Quiksilver Women. It appeals to all sorts of women, however it is more aimed at the 'surfer' who has grown out of the bright vivid colours of its younger sister 'Roxy' and there other main competitors. How do I know this, as I am one of them! I started surfing when I was 16, and have been on and around the water ever since. The sea is a huge part of my life, and my families life. I grew up wearing Roxy and Billabong, then a few years ago, I started to veer away from wearing these brands as I felt a bit to 'grown up' for them.

They capture the more mature surfer that still wants to live that lifestyle, but also is a bit more fashion conscious, but not to fashion conscious!! They don't always follow the trends as such! My favourite aspect of Quiksilver Women that seems to flow through each of its collections is the fit! I love the loose fit shirts & tees, but I also love the laid back-ness of the cami dresses. There is still the staple hoodie, but its using more of a 'luxe' jersey. I swear this brand was created just for me, as I want every piece!

I have been a keen follower of Quiksilver Women from the start, and a few pieces from each season have taken residence in my wardrobe. However I have not had anything from the AW 11/12 season.... yet!! I have put together a christmas list, and placed the 'Snow Blanket Cardigan' in top place! Fingers crossed Santa thinks I have been a good girl this year!

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