Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jewellery By Jaymie

One thing you learn to rely on when you turn freelance and work from home, is your support network. Of course mine is family and friends. However I didn't expect twitter to add to that. I have networked with a few lovely ladies on Twitter, who have helped along the way whether its motivation for those 'off' days or to help with more tedious tasks such as advice on the dreaded tax man!

One of these talented ladies is Jaymie, who not only creates beautiful illustrationsbut she also creates beautiful jewellery (I told you she was a talented lady!). I was super shocked for her to send me one as a lovely christmas gift to thank you for helping her out with a few things :) I instantly fell in love with her red ruby slippers necklace, not just because I am a magpie and love sparkles, but I love the Wizard of Oz! As soon as I received it in the post, which was wrapped beautifully, I put it straight on and I got so many comments about this necklace! I also painted my nails glittery red to match ;)

Check out the rest of her jewellery range here.


  1. These are such beautiful pictures, and I totally get what you mean when you talk about your support system on Twitter. I've met some lovely people too! Following you back, thanks for sharing the love! xoxo, Veena


  2. nice post and colours of nails;)

    great and happy new year


  3. As a ruby slippers obsessive that necklace is ace!! I love it


  4. The photo's don't do it justice!