Monday, 12 March 2012


Photo courtesy of Piano Bench Designs

Bonjour! Happy Monday! Not many of you will know, but I have been taking one-to-one french lessons. Some people might think I am crazy for taking french lessons, whilst setting up my own business, planning a wedding (just over 2 months to go now!) organising a friends hen do, and many other things to get my head around. What can I say, I like to keep busy? I am not saying it is easy... I do have moments when everything gets on top of me and I break down, but then I have other moments when I am like 'look at me! I am doing great!' ha

I am learning, not only to be able to speak to my fiance's french family, but most importantly for myself. I am one of those people, that I don't really do anything for myself, especially by myself! I also never thought that these words would EVER come out of my mouth, but I am loving every minute of learning this complex language. I don't know whether its because I am not as bad at languages as I have always believed. Which in turn, I am feeling a big sense of achievement for the first time in a long time, which might sound silly to my friends and family! Yes I started my own business, but I don't count that as the same, as my business is not where I want it to be...just yet! 

I am not saying I am fluent, as I am no where near (ha!) however I am starting to actually understand the language, and put sentences together, which is a big first for me. My tutor has explained things in two lessons, that my fiance has never been able to explain to me in the past seven years... which in turn, turned to frustration!

I was scouring Etsy the other day, and came across Piano Bench Designs who creates the sweetest jewellery, and now I can't stop thinking about the 'bonjour' necklace!

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