Thursday, 8 March 2012

Trends A/W 12/13

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I thought I would fill you in with what I do in my 'day job' as a freelance fashion designer. Since going freelance, knowing what is going to be on trend plays a huge part in what I do day to day! It is something I always have to have in my mind, no matter who my client is! I was lucky in the fact that I used to work at Mudpie as a garment designer for the books and, so I am clued up on what trends will be showing through up until A/W 13/14. However its always good to keep on top of what is going on, as their are always mini trends that sneak in at last minute.

A good resource for looking at trends is weconnectfashion. This website shows snippets of all the leaders in the trend forecasting industry (minus WGSN!). I am currently collating research for A/W 12/13 for a client, and I stumbled across some work I did for Mudpie whilst I worked there. Its always nice to reminisce!

You can view the rest of this work over at we connect fashion here

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