Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wedding countdown....

Source: Studio Castillero

Wow, what a week this has been! I went home a bit earlier than expected as my mum was ill, however having those extra days at home has been lovely!  I have been super busy with wedding hair & make up trials, as well as dress fittings. It is amazing how much better your dress looks when it actually fits. I am more in love with it, compared to when I first tried it on in the shop which was 3/4 sizes to big for me! It has been so fun to finally see how my thoughts in my mind and on paper, are starting to translate across into reality.  I can not WAIT for it all to be put together on the day! 

Our wedding is very DIY, to try and cut costs, and even though its very time consuming, and I can see why wedding planners are very popular! (ha!) We have both been enjoying every second of putting our wedding together... and we both can't wait for it all to be put together before the day and see our hard work pay off. 

I also saw my sister in law try on her bridesmaid dress for the first time, and she looks absolutely amazing!! I am so happy with what I have gone for, for the girls! They will all look so beautiful on the day! 

I am just all very excited about the big day now!


  1. Hi Cathryn,
    I've actually never been to your blog until now (my loss!)...only your etsy site.
    I wanted to let you know that I made an "image" of sorts using one of your illustrations, and I posted it on my blog today. I credit you. I hope this is okay! Your work is beautiful.

  2. Eeek, congrats!!!! I can't even imagine your excitement..
    I love these flowers, so very pretty. xx