Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The past few weeks in instagram

1. I read the hunger games in 24 hours... I am a new fan! 2. I brought myself a new toy, which is going to come in handy the next few months. 3. Lots of print orders are being sent out 4. Sunday mornings are my favourite 5. Ducks coming to visit 6. A bit of research...

My name is Cathryn Nicholson and I am a instagram addict....! Not so much as my fiancé though! He makes me look tame ;) However I love capturing moments in time, and being able to catch those one of moments that you never seem to have your camera to hand! Do you have instagram? If so, send me your user name! (I'm pencil stitches.)

Seeing as I have been quiet for a while, I thought I would catch up with you in what has been going on the past few crazy weeks!

My best friend Alice. I am loving the fact that my best friend Alice (go check out her blog) got engaged to my fiancés best friend the other week! I couldn't be more happier for them both! I love this girl so, so much and I wish her all the happiness in the world! I am looking forward to hearing all about their exciting plans when there feet touch back down to earth! :)

Thinking about: 
Everything! I have so much on my mind at the moment. Wedding, Work, Moving House (more on this later!) Learning to balance everything as well as having a break to breathe, it is pretty hard at the moment! Luckily I have my mum and fiancé on hand to tell me to stop every now and then!

Who my true friends are! The ones that actually ask how I am. We had some pretty big news last week, and it showed who actually gave a damn about us! Friends who actually wanted to know more, and were genuinely interested in what was happening. I also realised that the past 5 years of hard work is eventually paying off. I am a determined bunny when I want to be, and for once I have something to show for it...!

for people's generosity! One of Alex's ushers, siblings did a huge favour for us, for our wedding! I had an idea for our wedding, but I really didn't know how I was going to go about it, but thanks to the generosity of Jonjo, we managed to achieve it! We paid him in beer in the end as he didn't want payment, but I can't put into words how grateful I am, especially as he has done such an amazing job! I love it when an idea goes to plan! We went to their place down in Cornwall on Sunday to pick everything up, and their house is absolutely stunning! Especially as their back garden has a river flowing through, and they have ducks that come up to see you! Paradise!

Time Out:
I was home in Devon this weekend to celebrate three birthdays! One of them being my Nan's 80th! It was super busy but really fun spending time with family and friends. I was shattered by the time we drove home to Hampshire I also had a dress fitting... one more to go! Luckily its a 4 day week, thanks to the up and coming bank holiday!

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