Friday, 20 April 2012

This weekend...

So, this weekend is my Hen Do. I have absolutely no idea what my bridesmaids have planned for me, but I swear it could not of come at a better time. I have a big list, that is going round and round in my head and hopefully my hen night will make me forget the majority of it, if only for a day or two!

1. The final countdown to the wedding....28 days to go! All the big things are done, and its just the smaller fun details that I need to complete before the big day!

2. Visa Application.... Just the word 'visa application' sends a shiver down my spine.... it involves lots of LONG words, as well as making you sign your life away, just incase you bring something into the country your not meant to, is slightly nerving! It will be worth it when we are finally settled in Australia.

3. Relocation! We are moving out of our flat in Hampshire next week to move back to our parents so we don't have to pay an extra months rent.... however it means putting all our furniture in to storage, to then have to move it again for when the international removals team come to take it away....I am dreading doing this, not just because its a huge hassle, but its an end of a chapter, and I am sentimental girl... ha

However I am signing off for this weekend, to forget about everything and just have fun with my friends and family at my hen do. I am slightly scared but mainly excited to see what they have planned for me. I shall report back next week to let you know if the bridesmaids are still in my good books ;)

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