Thursday, 3 May 2012

Back in Plymouth!

Sorry about the quietness on the blog, however we have been moving back to Plymouth to spend time with family and friends, before our big move! I also got some big news on Tuesday which wasn't so great, which I will share some point soon when I get a chance to think it over myself.

Moving from Romsey took forever, and it was mind numbing-ly boring! However, its one huge task ticked on the forever long to-do list! I thought I would walk away from Romsey without a care, however I was a lot more emotional that I expected. It was the first place that me and Alex had moved away from home which is everything we were used to, and set up from scratch. I actually didn't want to come back to Plymouth, as it felt like we were stepping back in time... which is not a good thing! Plymouth is like a time warp, you can move away for 2 years and come back and nothing has changed! We have been back 4 days, but it already feels like months! I am so excited for mine and Alex's next chapter in our life.

However, I have already caught up with my some amazing friends, so it makes coming back to Plymouth worth it!

I would like to say, I will be back to updating on a regular basis, but then I will be lying! However I am going to try my hardest to update when I can, to document our journey across the world!

17 days until the wedding!!! Eeek!!


  1. Hey hun, love your blog!
    If you fancied doing something a little different and random, just thought we'd let you know, we tagged you in a questions tag on our blog. We were sent the tag from another blogger and thought it might be fun.
    Feel free to opt out obvs :)