Sunday, 26 August 2012

Meet Mollie...

Meet Mollie, my beautiful new bicycle! This is only the second bicycle I have ever owned so I am a VERY proud owener. The last bike I had was when I was about 7?! Crazy I know.

I have been wanting to get a bike for a few years now, and I had my eye on a Pashley, however we never had any space for a bike back home in the UK. However since moving to Australia, we have more than enough room to store a bike or two, so I took the plunge and started researching. However, Pashleys cost double, and sometimes even triple the price in Australia, so I knew that was off the cards. However I found Papillonaire which had a similar style to the Pashley bicycles, but I personally think are much more beautiful. They had a few colours to choose from including the classic black however I decided to go for a 'Sommer' in Mint Green. I can't tell you how much I love Mollie. She is such a fun bike to ride, and really comfortable. I am looking forward to the summer evenings so I can take her out after work.

The service we received at paillonaire was second to none and so helpful, that they made the transaction super easy.

What do you think? You should head over to Papillonaires website, as you can custom build your bike on their website and play with the accessories and colours. I spent a fair while on this website, imagining my bicycle in real life, and trust me its a million times better!

p.s I have just been on their website and noticed that they have 10% off until August 31st!! (Damn it! If only I waited a week or so!) However, go grab yourself a bargain right now, using the code 'WINTERLOVE'.

p.s.s I will put some more photos up soon of this beauty!! :)

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