Saturday, 27 October 2012

Video: Phillip Island

Last weekend we decided to have a weekend away and to explore Australia that little bit more. Its quite difficult and frustrating moving to a country to work and not to travel. As you can't see as much of the country your living in due to a little thing called work.

However, we have a 'list' of places where we want to go, and this one was the closest so we booked the most quaint B&B and drove over to Phillip Island. The home of the little penguin colony. If you have ever done this, you will know how special it is. This was highlight of the weekend for us. We were insanely lucky to have picked a night where over 2000 little penguins came on the beach... yes you read that right!! 2000! It was a sight to be seen!

Fortunately they have quite strict rules at the penguin parade to keep it respectful to the penguins homes, however that is unfortunate for us as you are unable to take any photos or videos! So I don't have any to show you.

I have got a million photos, and will be doing a few posts on what we saw. However I put together a little video to show family, friends and my readers a snippet of what we got up to. Enjoy!