Friday, 7 December 2012


1. I really need to finish this illustrations | 2. We finally got to see the twelve apostles | 3. Sunbathing... my favourite activity at the moment | 4.Maits Rest on the Great Ocean Road.  My favourite part! | 5. Thirteenth beach | 6. Melbourne Skyline.
My parents are over visiting, and we are already over half way :( Can't believe how quickly it is going. We have had a few days off here and there to be able to show them around Geelong. We drove along the Great Ocean Road, taken them into Melbourne, and shown them some of the local beaches. It has been great showing them around, as they will now be able to picture us in the places when they have gone back home to the UK.

Me & Alex love a good DVD box set, as the Australian TV is not the best. Adverts every 5 minutes! Drives me crazy. However, we have been watching the second series of Boardwalk Empire. Luckily my parents have gotten into it aswell, so after a days work (for me & alex) we can all chill out and watch this series. We are thinking Breaking Bad next...

of Home. A lot has happened back home recently. One of my oldest friends got married last weekend, which was a weird day for me. As it was always a given I would be at her wedding, until we moved to Australia. Also things are happening back home with my family. Such as my Nan not being very well, and my brother & sister-in-law buying their first home together. Things, which we want to be home for, but we can't. Its weird to think that we won't be home until next August. It seems like a lifetime away and we know when we do get back a lot of things would of happened and changed.