Wednesday, 23 January 2013



You will be able to see from these photos, what two thing are taking up my life at the moment other than work. We have been taking advantage of the Australian sunshine and spending time at the beach. I am made for the Australian weather. I love just soaking up the sun, whilst wearing suncream of course. I am the queen of suncream now. Did you know you catch most UV rays whilst in the car?! Scary stuff!

The second thing that is taking up my time is... making a quilt. Yes I am 26, and I am making a quilt. It is taking forever, but it is so addictive. Who knew? I chose these colours, to add a pop of colour to our bedroom.
I am making a queen sized quilt, and I am so happy with the way its turning out. I am SO close to finishing it... although I might be seeing triangles for a while after doing this.

What do you think of it so far?


  1. Hi Cathryn, I've had a little look through your blog and your blog is great! Big move you guys coming to australia and geelong YEY geelong!!! Thank you for your comment on my work.
    Keep in touch, and thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Hi! Found you on the Blog Hop. I LOVE that quilt! Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  3. Stopping over from the Blog Hop. Great quilt pattern! So what if your 26 and quilting?! I love quilting! I'm trying to finish one of my grandma's quilts this year, trickier than I imagines but still fun.