Saturday, 23 March 2013

Monday Tunes: Passenger

This is a song that I am loving right now from such a talented artist. My husband & I saw this fella busking in Southampton a few years ago... yes... he was busking! I remember him having quite a crowd around him, and one of his mates passed us a flyer as he was playing at one of the pubs in Southampton. Its a shame to admit, but I still have that flyer! God knows why, other than I am a horder!?! However I wanted to remember who this guy was!

So, when we were listening to the Aussie radio yesterday we were amazed to hear that he was in the Australian top 20. Supposedly the Aussies have picked up on his beautiful voice, but not the Brits!! Shame on us!!! So if you are a play NOW!

1 comment :

  1. OH WOW! This guy has an amazing voice. I love his style. I studied in Southampton, I used to walk past buskers so quickly, if I had heard him I would have definitely stopped!