Sunday, 9 June 2013

Everlane | Footwear

Source: Everlane

I am the queen of t-shirts. People make a joke about how many t-shirts I own. I am a jeans & t-shirt king of girl! When I stumbled across the brand Everlane I got really excited due to their amazing basic t-shirts and then disappointed as they don't send to anywhere outside of America! boo! If you live in America and want some beautiful t-shirts at good prices and amazing quality then check them out.

However, this does not stop me looking at their website. I would describe them as a wardrobe essentials builder. The prices are amazingly low for the quality and workmanship that go into these garments I love how transparent they are in their productions and costings. Its very refreshing to see. I have also got the husband hooked on them!

When my husband spotted they will be selling womens sandals from this wednesday onwards I let out a little scream, as I LOVE the styling. I am also a sucker to see how these little beauties are made as well. I guess being a fashion designer for a mass retailer, I really appreciate good quality workmanship and I am always willing to pay that little bit extra for quality.

Now, I am off to hunt for a shipping company in America that ships to Australia.... Any recommendations? I must own these sandals in both colourways!


  1. Hi Cathryn, I'm in Australia and I just happened to buy some Everlane stuff by using a parcel forwarder. I will be doing a review on my blog soon so keep and eye out :) x

    1. Oh and to answer your question specifically there are quite a few companies... I use MYUS because I get a shipping discount though my Amex, but you could also use HopShopGo or ShipItTo.