Sunday, 13 April 2014

Travel | Australia..The Start of the Adventure!

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Ok, so I have finally got round to posting a 'few' photos of our trip. I say few, as we took just under 2000 photos within the month. We could of taken a lot more but there was days when we didn't take the camera out as we wanted to sink in the sights & sounds without any technology.

I will start from the beginning as thats always the best place to start ;) We both knew we were moving home to the UK and I basically put my foot down saying I was not leaving Australia until we swam at the Great Barrier Reef. What started as a 2 day weekend in Cairns followed by Thailand led into a full on road trip of the east coast of Australia!!

I was so glad we decided to do this though as it was my favourite part of the whole trip. When we mentioned to our Australian friends what we were doing, we were given very bemused looks asking us if we realised how far it was!! We just both nodded our heads nervously wondering what we had signed up for!! Eek!

We hired a Jucy camper van and we navigated our way up the coast with a map and absolutely no plan other than knowing we had to be in Cairns to catch our plane on a certain date. We packed our house into a container, and had to hand the keys back on the same day. When we handed our keys back to our home in Australia we both got in the van and looked at each other nervously. Alex drove away from the place we called home for 20 months. We had no itinerary, we didn't even know where we were sleeping that night. We just drove... and so the adventure began from Geelong, Victoria, Australia!

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