Friday, 5 December 2014

Travels | Part 5 of the East Coast Aussie Road Trip - Noosa & Fraser Island

I can't believe its nearly a year that we left this beautiful country (apologies for the large delay in getting those photos up on the blog) but I am determined to finish it as I treat my blog as a virtual diary. I love looking back at old posts to see what I was thinking and doing at that particular time and I know I will kick myself if I don't carry on with this in a few years to come.

So we are on to part 5! Fraser Island & Noosa! The higher we got up, the higher the temperatures rose! I class myself as a sun junkie, but we were experiencing Australia's hottest summer ever recorded so to say I was starting to wilt was a little bit of an understatement ha! One thing I loved about our trip is the fact we had so little planned out. We knew three things about our trip before we left:

1. The day we were setting off.
2. How we were getting from A to B. Our Jucy camper
3. The day we had to be at Cairns airport.

Everything else in between we just made up as we went along! We had set ideas of where we wanted to go but nothing was set in stone. One trip we didn't think we would do was visit Fraser Island, which is a world heritage site. (Fact of the day: It is the worlds largest sand island!) However the closer we got to the island, the easier the decision was made that we had to visit even if it meant eating on a tighter budget than already planned. It was worth every penny though as it was absolutely stunning. My body temperature was actually thankful, as although it was super hot we spent the majority of the day either in a super air conned coach or swimming in the coolest waters!

I wasn't sure what to expect from Fraser Island but I came away with a lot more memories and reflections than I thought. We saw such beautiful scenery and SO much wildlife including wild Dingo's which lists on our 'top 10 moments'. We swam in the fresh water 'Lake McKenzie' until our skin looked like prunes and waded in fast flowing creeks that just carried you down the way.

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