Monday, 19 July 2010

Oh Deer

Oh deer! Is my latest illustration. Been meaning to finish this one for ages and finally got around to it!

Its less than one week to my brothers wedding. I can't wait! Lets hope the sunshine is out. Also I have some news, in less than a month I will be moving to the South of England as I have found myself a new design job. I will miss Plymouth so much as this is where my life, family and friends all are, but I am thinking of it as an adventure and a fresh start.


  1. Wow you are amazing sketcher! Would you like to make a sketch of my friend? thanks I'll tell her you drew it for her, thankss

  2. Thank you Limitless Fashion :)

    Hi Sarah, I would love to but super busy and only able to take on paid commissions. Thanks for the comment though :)


  3. Of course! Thanks for reply this, you're my favourite sketcher :)