Monday, 6 December 2010

Before & After

Before... Me and my Brother

During the week, it was my dad's birthday and because of that me and Alex invited my parents to spend the weekend with us. And there was no better way to celebrate my dads birthday but to get the family together and take a trip down memory lane!!! Me and my brother were army kids. And due to my dad being in the army, instead of  usbeing taken to disney land, we were taken to the tank museum!! My mum dug out some old photos and we knew we had to recreate some of the photos!! It was a really good day, even though tanks are not my thing, it was good to be nostalgic and talk about old times!

After...I caught up vertically with my brother in the end!


  1. прикольный блог!!!))

  2. So cute! And funny to see how much you have grown.

  3. It was quite funny, trying to get in the right pose!! :)