Saturday, 15 January 2011

Mission: Plan a wedding

Today is mine and Alex's 6 year anniversary, which also means a year of being engaged!! Time really does fly... especially when your having fun. Its less than a year and a half until the big day, which means its time to put the planning head on!

I'm trying not to say to much about our wedding on this blog, due to knowing that a few our friends who will be guests read this, and I don't want them to turn up to the wedding, knowing exactly what they are going to see, and going to happen! Else what is the point of them coming, if they already know every single detail that we are thinking of. A bit of a surprise never hurts anyone!! I just hope they can respect this decision of ours and not pester us/hunt for information like a few people already have done!! Good things come to those who wait!

We've been pretty organised to be honest. We have booked the most gorgeous venue! This venue felt so refreshing after the list of venues that we saw before hand. There were things that we wanted our venue to have and more importantly not to have. I had quite a long list of 'what I don't want in a Venue'. As soon we saw our venue and the owners we both looked at each other, and knew it was perfect for us! 

We have also booked the photographer we wanted, which we found through a friend, after she had her photograph her own wedding. Photos were so important to both of us, but due to me having a creative eye, I just knew that after the day all we would have is our memories and photos. So we both knew they had to be good, and I can't wait to have our photographer capture our day.

We are booking the caterer this weekend, which I am also pretty excited about eating! There food not only looks amazing, but it tastes amazing to! So hopefully that should all be sorted this weekend!!

Its really easy to get stressed about planning a wedding, as I have found out. I just need to be reminded to take a step back. I don't know what it is about wedding, which makes people think that they can have a say on the matter and give us there own opinions of what a wedding should be!! I've been a bit shocked along the way of what people have said to me and Alex. As long as we do everything the way 'we' want to do it, even if it isn't the traditional way of doing it, and not how everyone else dictates and thinks it should be, then I know that we will both be very happy. 

We are pretty much near the end of our budget, due to booking the major things that a wedding must have like a venue but with a lot of DIY'ing I know we will keep the costs from rocketing sky high, which seems to be pretty easy to do in the world of weddings!

So if you start to see wedding inspired posts, you now understand as I am now on mission: plan our wedding! 

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