Saturday, 14 May 2011

home sweet home

To say I miss home is an understatement! I miss my friends and family like crazy, and not only that. I really miss living in that part of the world. I completely took advantage of the fact that I used to live right next to the sea and next to some of the most beautiful coastlines. It frustrates me, when friends say they hate where they live and want to move. If only they knew how lucky they were.

Most importantly, I really miss the lifestyle of living in Devon and on the border of Cornwall. I think only people from home will understand this! 

Me and the fiance really miss the sea, and have withdrawal symptoms. Especially when you receive text messages from friends saying how good the surf is... which really doesn't help matters. haha! 

We are going home for a few days next week though which I can not wait for. I am counting down the days. Although I am not going home for the most happiest of reasons, and I am having to work from home for those few days. It will just be nice to be home, and be surrounded by the people and the places that I love and feel most comfortable at.

Roll on the next few days.....

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