Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Weston Scarves

I have fallen in love with 'Weston' scarves and I am already saving any spare cash that I can to try and save up for one. What and who I hear you say?? Well let me explain...they are created by Architect Professor 'Richard Weston' who had a passion for minerals. One day he decided to scan an ammonite that cost more than the scanner he was using, the results were dreadful but this prompted him to buy a professional-quality machine. The images that followed were captivating and striking.

Richard Westion also took part in BBC 2's 'Britain's Next Big Thing' which landed him a deal to sell his italian made scarves in London store 'Liberty', where you can buy his scarves online now.

To find out more go to the official 'Weston' website now http://www.naturallyexclusive.com

Photos courtesy of 'Weston' & 'Liberty'

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