Friday, 28 October 2011




© Photos courtesy of Hero&Cape

There is one item of clothing that appears over and over again in my wardrobe and that is the classic t-shirt! I prefer the loose fitting tee, but overall I love t-shirts!

When I stumbled across 'Hero&Cape' I knew I was on to a winner! They are a British clothing label, (woo hoo for the brits!!) which bring t-shirts featuring hand drawn graphics to the table! They are unique and different and Hero&Cape is driven by products that are as unique to you as a superhero's cape. If that isn't a motto, then I don't know what is?

Not only that, but they print each t-shirt in house!! So you are guaranteed that you will get a product that is created with love just for you!!

I personally can't make up my mind on whether to buy the 'Boys do make passes at girls that wear glasses' tee or the 'anchor' tee. Oh the choices!!!

They recently did a collaboration with which you might have heard of recently as Sarah who runs the blog/shop recently won the Look Blogger competition. Her blog is worth a look, and her shop to! Full of jewellery delights!

Right best get on, I have a busy, busy day ahead!

You can check out the 'Hero&Cape' site here!!

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