Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day Zero

I came across the 'day zero project' and really wanted to get involved. It is sort of like New Years resolutions, but its a bit more realistic in regards to the amount of days you have to complete them. You have 1001 days in total, and you need to do 101 things. I think the most difficult thing is thinking of 101 things that you want to do, that is realistic!! I could only think of 70! I could of listed all the countries in the world I wanted to visit, but I know financially in two years time  I could never visit all of them.... so here is my list so far...

Start Day: 16th November 2011
Finish Day: 12th August 2014

1. Reach 100 followers
2. Reach 500 followers
3. Invest in another handbag
4. Buy a house
5. Learn french
6. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
7. Build a snowman
8. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
9. Make a list of the 100 best experiences of my life so far
10. Visist Machu Picchu
11. Drink 5 cocktails I've never tried before
12. Volnteer somewhere
13. Visit Wales
14. Blog at least once a week
15. Get a new digital SLR
16. Get my blog featured in a magazine
17. Get married!
18. Go on honeymoon
19. Visit the Isle of Scilly
20. Visit Ireland
21. Visit Plymouth River Cottage canteen
22. Watch 50 new films - A Christmas Carol, Hangover 2, The Inbetweeners, Revolutionary Road, Leap Year
23. Have a spa day
24. Build up my business
25. Collaborate with a blogger.
26. Try 10 new foods - Salmon, 
27. Win a competition
28. Get a piece of work published
29. Read 5 classic novels
30. Learn how to build a website
31. Visit the Seychelles
32. Visit 5 places in the UK I have never been to - Cirencester, 
33. Have a cocktail evening with the girls
34. Invest in a new make up bag
35. Learn how to apply make up properly
36. Get a manicure
37. Get a pedicure
38. Visit a 'proper' cocktail bar
39. See No Doubt play live
40. Visit my brother and sister in Bahrain
41. Subscribe to Grazia
42. Take more photographs
43. Get an Irish Setter Puppy
44. Illustrate a self portrait
45. Illustrate every day for a month
46. Spend a weekend without using the computer
47. Design myself some business cards
48. Write letters and send them in the old fashioned way
49. Update my website regularly
50. Listen to a new album each week
51. Go snowboarding
52. Surf regularly
53. Go on a bike ride
54. Visit a city in Europe I have never been to
55. Go to Yoga
56. Live in another country
57. Go to a posh tea room in London
58. Go see a musical
59. Phone friends more often to catch up
60. Design my own range of clothing
61. Paint my nails on a regular basis
62. Have a regular date night with the fiance
63. Save on a regular basis
64. Build up my fashion book collection
65. Bake an apple pie
66. Bake brownies
67. Buy a pair of glasses
68. Visit the Tate
69. Do something out of my comfort zone

Updated 6th January 2012!

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