Monday, 21 November 2011

A good weekend!

I have got a day off today, so I am just catching up reading a few blogs and trying to finish off our wedding stationary... easier said than done! It's very close to being finished, just need a few tweaks here and there! Overall we are both really happy with them, and I am so lucky to have the fiance looking over my shoulder giving me pointers when I feel that the stationary is never going to look good. He genuinely doesn't see himself as a designer, as he is to modest, but he has a print diploma, and he has a designers mind, which really shows when it comes to designing our own stationary!! One of the many reasons I love him.

So I thought I would fill you in on whats been happening the past few days. This weekend we travelled up to Cirencester to celebrate my little cousin's Merryn christening! The church was absolutely rammed, and Merryn behaved so well. I even got a hug out of her, so I was a happy cousin! Shes a gorgeous little baby! I had such a good time, catching up with family who I don't see very often! I felt very lucky and privileged to have such a lovely family after that evening!

My mum baked and decorated the most amazing cake for Merryn's christening! My mum will be doing mine and the fiance's wedding cake to, so we can not wait to have a slice of that cake! It is officially now less than 6 months till we get married, so this sunday was dedicated to making a few pieces for the big day. I am going to keep what we did quiet but me and Alex had the best fun making some goodies for the day! We made something for all our day guests for less than £10!! Which put an even bigger smile on our faces!!

I am slightly obsessed with taking photographs of Autumn leaves and trees! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, so I can't help myself! I have also dug out all my boots, with my fringed moccasin boots being my favourites at the moment! I also keep plaiting my hair, a fish tail to be exact! Its so easy, and it keeps the hair out of my face whilst busying away on the computer.

I have also been fitting in a few more illlustrations for Amelia's Magazine which should be appearing on their website sometime soon, so as soon as they are live I will post them on here!! I am seriously happy with the second illustration, not my usual style but it turned out better than I had expected! I am trying to focus more on faces, to practice drawing features more!

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