Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wedding Update

Marianne Taylor
It is now less than 5 months till me and the fiance ties the knot! Which means it is now crunch time and I am sure every spare minute (and penny) that me and the fiance have will be spent on organizing the big day. It is coming up to two years that we have been engaged, which means that we have been planning this one day for two whole years! It feel's like a lot longer though!

We pretty much have all of the big things sorted now. I just need to finish the invitations and send those out in the next few weeks. Then its down to the nitty gritty bits such as Decor. I have such a strong image of what I want that I know I might turn a bit bridezilla. A slight change of plans has also happened to the bridesmaids situation, but hopefully that will all be sorted in the next few days. Its just little things that you have 100% set in your mind of how you want it to look, that sometimes you just have to let it go and realise that not everything can look the way you envisioned it. Sometimes it is just pretty tough to let go, especially when you have had a 'style' in your mind for two years, and it took so much effort to get there in the first place. I am sure that being a designer doesn't help when it comes to letting things go.... as I have such a vision of what I want!

This wedding has already taken a lot out of me and Alex... and Alex has been great with getting me through when I hit a brick wall...which has happened quite a lot!

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