Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What is in my make up bag?

Today, I decided to illustrate my essential make up kit! I am not the kind of girl that plaster's my make up on, however as you can see I am a big fan of designer make up. I am a huge Chanel fan when it comes to make up. I swear by its eyeliner.... it stays put all day, unlike a lot of other brands I have tried! My other daily essential is my Chanel Bronzer... I actually can not leave the house without this on my face. I don't use foundation on a daily basis, its more when I going on a night out. However I love Mac's Studio Sculpt. Its not to heavy, but has a really good cover. In the summer I switch to Bobbi Brown's tinted moisturiser. I am also addicted to Nail Varnish. I find that Dior is the best on the market. It stays put for day's and doesn't show signs of chipping for a good few days! 

The only issue with designer make up, is when it runs out! You have to pay a small fortune to replenish, which is never a good thing on the run up to christmas. All my spare pennies have gone on family and friends this year, so fingers crossed my hinting has not gone un-noticed! 

What do you swear by make up wise?

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