Sunday, 1 January 2012

Recap of 2011

When I first thought back to 2011 I didn't think much had happened due to saving for our wedding this year in 2012.... but looking back in photos we managed to get a fair bit crammed into the year. Since moving to Hampshire from Devon we are a lot closer to London so this year we have managed to get up a fair bit more than usual to either go shopping, take in sights or just for a general day out. This photo was taken in June this year.... you wouldn't believe it was Summer, due to the rain and wind!

We have gone home many a times to Devon & Cornwall to see family and friends but for my 25th Birthday we managed to stay in a friends caravan. My birthday wishes for this year was to watch the sunset, and this is exactly what me and Alex did! 

One of my closest friend's Ariana from university got married in May to her husband Nick who she met whilst she was at University. It was an amazing day to catch up with my closest friends and celebrate Ariana & Nick's big day! We are all eagerly awaiting to meet there baby girl being born in February :)

Me & Alex finally took a weekend away to Rome in April. This trip was long time coming. It was somewhere we always said we wanted to go, and in the end we just booked it! I absolutely fell in love with this city and its history and would love to go back someday.

Since moving to Hampshire me and Alex have completely missed the sea, so we took many a trips to the South coast to get our frills of the fresh sea air. We both absolutely loved visiting Brighton and its 'British seaside' feel!

In July we went to France for a week to spend with Alex's french family. This time my parents came along and it was lovely to spend time with both sides of the family and Alex loved showing my parents the place he loves most in the world.

Photo by Marianne Taylor
One of my highlights of the year was meeting our wedding photographer Marianne Taylor for our engagement shoot. We both absolutely loved meeting her and the whole experience. It was so nice to spend a day with Alex, running around London. We were both insanely nervous as me and Alex find it very hard to get a nice photo that both of us like, however we should of never doubted Marianne's talent's as every photo was beautiful! 

I am so excited about 2012, and what is to come!


  1. soundsl like an amazing year! love the photos! happy new year : )

  2. Hi!
    Your prints are cool! I dedicated a post on my blog with your link.