Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Down Hair Styles

Sources: See my Pinterest
I am still on the hunt to find the hair style I want to have for mine and Alex's wedding. I do feel like I am narrowing down the styles I like though so that's a start. I naturally have wavy hair, so I feel one of the above styles would suit my hair type the most!

The countdown is really on now, it is 4 months and 1 day until the big day! It feels like me and Alex have been waiting forever for this day, that all of a sudden it is creeping up on us! It has now been over two years since we got engaged, which means two years of planning this day! Its crazy to think of the effort and time that goes into planning a wedding! I would never of thought it before!

I am back home in Devon this weekend to pick up my bridesmaids to see if they fit. I can't wait to see them all together! It will make everything start to come together!


  1. I love these styles, especially the two at the top! I'll definitely be using this post as inspiration for my big day hair style! How exciting to be picking up the bridesmaids dresses this weekend! 4 months will be here before you know it! :-) xx

    1. I know, 4 months will fly by!! Glad this post will be of some use to you to :)

  2. First and last are nice and simple to do and have great flexibility to be a formal or nonformal style. simple and effective as you dont want to much going on with the dress.