Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding Invitations

Seeing as it is 'Wedding Wednesday', I thought I would share mine and Alex's wedding invitations that I designed from scratch. It can be very handy being a designer sometimes! I absolutely love stationery, so I enjoyed every stage of designing our wedding invitations. As you can see our wedding colours are yellow & grey.

What you see above is the English day invitation.... yes you heard right! We had FOUR different versions of these invitations.  A day and evening for our English guests, and a day and evening for our French guests. Nothing like extra work for yourself! Luckily we are having quite a small wedding.... if we were having around 100 guests, I might of locked myself away for a few days afterwards! However to keep things slightly less confusing, the evening invitations were the opposite colour ways, so when we packaged them all up, we knew we were sending the right invitations out to the right people!

Seeing as grey can be quite a 'flat' colour, I made sure each slip had a different pattern on them, so that when they sat next to each other in the envelope, it wasn't a swarm of grey! We wanted something that was unique and individual to portray 'us' and the feel of our wedding. Me and Alex loved the way our invitations turned out.


  1. Super work Miss Cathryn (soon to be Mrs!) :) x

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  3. These are beautiful. I want to design my own but dont want to print them on my standard inkjet printer, can i ask where you printed yours? x

  4. I love these invitations!!! I was wondering how much you would sell the art work for the invitation, RSVP, and the directions cards. I can fill in the info, I was just needing the artwork.

    Thanks, Kyle