Monday, 6 February 2012

Four Eyes

This week, has been full of lovely presents arriving through the door. First up was a lovely t-shirt from 'Hero and Cape' who's website I had been lusting over a few pieces! I love t-shirts, so when I came across this brand a while ago, I knew I had to own one (or two) of their pieces at some point! It was only a matter of time! However my amazing fiance, decided to buy me a surprise present!! Which I took as a sign of looking at their website way to much!! I am now lusting after the anchor t-shirt ! It arrived in super quick time, and was packaged all lovely.... I am a sucker for pretty packaging! The prices of the t-shirts are so reasonable, and the quality and service is awesome to. I suggest you go over and look now!

I also FINALLY ordered myself a pair of new glasses, after shamefully owning a pair that got me through a couple of years. Since working from home, and spending many hours in front of the computer, and starting to get headaches again, I knew it was time to buy a new pair!!

I searched high and low for months for 'the' pair, that would suit me! Not an easy task. I swear I spent way to many hours of my life in opticians, trying to find the pair. However when I did find the frames that suited my face, they were pretty expensive, so I had to save for a bit before I took the plunge. However after doing a bit of research online, I found it was much cheaper to order the glasses online as you could save yourself a good couple of £££'s! After searching high and low, and seeing websites that looked quite dodgy, I came across Pret A Voir. At the time, they didn't have the size I was after online, but thanks to their online chat feature. I was able to chat to someone from their office and they took my details and said they would email me as soon as they came in stock! 

A few days later, an email popped up in my inbox, they were in!! I picked up the phone and ordered there and then!! They also matched a price I found on one of their competitors website. Due to them being prescription, they said they would take a week, however 4 days later they arrived via special delivery!! I was amazed by the speedy-ness of the service. The customer service on the phone was truly amazing, which doesn't happen very often these days. I actually don't know why I didn't order sooner, as it's amazing how much clearer I can see!! 


  1. Pretty glasses, very chic. Hope they decrease your headaches x

  2. You look great in the T-shirt and glasses! Kudos to the fiance!

    The glasses case is so nice!!

  3. Very stylish and pretty specs! Being able to see clearly is great isn't it :)

  4. i love chanel glasses... i am so happy with mine and hope you will be having such fun with yours!!!

    greetings from France