Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sherbet Sunday

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Seeing as it is a Sunday, and I am desperate for Spring to come around. I thought I would gather a few images via pinterest to show one of the up and coming trends! From bubblegum pink to spearmint green, sherbet tones are going to be huge this summer! Although I feel that this could be quite a hard trend for me as it might bring out my paleness! (I am in desperate need of a holiday as I have severe lack of sun! )However, this will be such a pretty trend for the summer, with round neck lines jackets, and peter pan collar blouses! I found the above images, summed up the feel of the trend! Just think, pretty, feminine and candy cane!!

P.S I am desperate for a bike with a basket at the moment!! If anyone would like to donate a Pashley, it would be greatly appreciated :)



  1. lovely pictures... just the right think now... it is so cold outside. it makes me wish it was already spring...

  2. *Dreaming* It's going to be a pretty S/S :-) Love, V.

  3. mmmmm what a lovely candy filled collection of pictures ♡
    lovely lovely blog my dear (: