Wednesday, 8 February 2012

No.5 Bridge Street, Winchester

Since I have been freelancing full time I have really struggled to learn how to balance my personal life with my work life.... It has been very work heavy! I feel what with my computer being a few steps away and that 'to-do' list getting longer! I find staying away from my computer VERY hard, and if I do get away I still then have my iPhone!! Eeek! I actually can't get away!! The fiance is constantly telling me off for 1. working late and 2. If not working late, for reaching for my phone after 7 in the evening if I hear the tone for a new email!

Although I am busy and I am getting the work in, I am struggling with the fact that I can't switch off!  However..... last weekend I promised to the fiance I would not switch the computer on! I held my word, and spent a lovely weekend with the fiance (and yes I do admit that this working week has been much easier as I feel refreshed)

We went for lunch at a new restaurant in Winchester called 'No.5 Bridge Street' where we had the most amazing lunch with a hot pot of steaming tea (I am addicted to Tea!) It was the first time we went, and I am sure we will be returning very soon, as we both enjoyed our time there! The service was impeccable, and we had a lovely chat with the waitress as well, which doesn't happen very often.

They also supposedly have rooms that you can book to stay the night, and judging by the interior of the restaurant, I am sure the rooms would be lovely! Whilst having lunch, me and the fiance mentioned about doing a few 'staycations' over the year! What with me working from home, sometimes at the weekend the last place I want to be, is home, as the computer is to much of a temptation. I can go days without actually having the need to leave the flat, so after we have got married, we might start looking at spending a few weekends away here and there!


  1. I REALLY wanted to love No5 Bridge Street, but we got really bad service when we went. We must have caught them on a bad evening. The decor is to die for...I want my hous to look like that!!

    You're lunch looks really good though so I won't rule out giving them a second chance! xx

    1. Really?! Our service was brilliant! We had a young girl, who was so helpful and offered more hot water for the teapot etc (which is always a bonus for me!!)

  2. Oh no Karen, please do try them again! We went for their opening night and couldn't have faulted a thing. And I've been back for drinks with friends a few times and always had good service, and a wicked mojito!
    They are doing a Sunday night deal where if you spend £50 on dinner you can have a room for £25... I'm tempted for a staycation too Cathryn, such a great idea x