Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wedding Wednesday (on a Thursday!)

Photographer: Brooke Schwab

Ok, I know!! It isn't Wednesday. Would you believe me if I said I was busy?? No thought not! However this will be worth the wait. I swear that this wedding is going to do the rounds in the blogosphere world due to its AMAZINGNESS!! This is the wedding of James & Aubrey! Aubrey is the owner of the Bleubird Vintage blog

This wedding is truly beautiful! The bride is stunning, the groom is handsome, and her bridesmaids are beautiful to! Look at their little pug to!! The decor is to just die for! And before you question yourself, are they feathers hanging from the ceiling in the barn?! YES! Sooo beautiful and unique! I think this might truly be the most beautiful and unique wedding I have seen in the past two years of being engaged and researching, which is a truly hard feat!! Even though I don't know this couple, you just know that this day reflects who they are as a couple and as a family!

You can see the rest of her photographs over on her blog.... yes there is a part 1 & 2! Your eyes are in for a treat ;)


  1. I love the first two photos. The way the wind is captured on their clothing is so beautiful.